Safeway E-coupons, Printable, Store Coupon: FAQ, Guide and Clarification

by Lee on March 23, 2010 · 12 comments

All of you dear ladies have prompted me to do this investigative work here, LOL! Here’s the low-down on the Safeway Coupon Site. There are two choices with Safeway e-coupons (Note: Safeway e-coupon site is different than the other e-coupon sites. My advice: load everything you could to your club card!

  1. Printable coupons
  2. E-coupons you load to your Safeway club-card

Printable Safeway Coupons

Option 1 (Printable Coupons) When you first click the Safeway Coupon Site., you”ll see a screen like the left, where it says Printable Savings! You can “Add” the coupons, and click “Print” (above)

Load To Card Safeway E-Coupon

Option 2 (Load to Club-Card) You can also chose to load the coupons to your card, click “Load to Card” at the Left Coupon Center and this screen will come up: At this point, you can Sign Up for an account or Login.

After E-coupons are added

After which you could “add” the coupons to your club card, like here, it shows on the left under Coupon Center, that I added 28 coupons, with a total (unrealized) savings of $34.5. You can click the “What’s On My Card” button to see what’s on your club card.

Tip: I’m always cautious myself, but just in case, I’d Log Out, and Log back in to make sure the coupons are there

For those of us who shop at Safeway often, I hope this clarifies how Safeway e-coupon/printable coupon works! The e-coupon includes not only Safeway coupon, but manufacturer’s e-coupons as well, just like the other E-coupons that (by now!) you should already be familiar with, right :)

Please let me know your experience with their system – the duel e-coupon/printable coupon seems to be new, let’s help each other out here!

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