What To Do if Your Catalina Doesn’t Print, & How to Get one

by Lee on February 2, 2010 · 3 comments

Catalina Machine

I found the letter from Catalina Marketing which would be perfect to explain Catalina with all the Safeway Catalina deals (Pillsbury deal valid till 2/21!)

Update: See Catalina Marketing’s E-mail address!

What is a Catalina?

It is a coupon, either in dollars off purchase (e.g. the Safeway Pillsbury Catalina deal), which would be similar to a rebate, or dollars off a particular product (e.g. $1 off a Safeway deli item). Sometimes there’s an ad for a new product. Catalinas will print from a separate machine next to the cash register, at the completion of the transaction. Catalinas have expiration dates ranging from weeks to months.

Letter from Catalina Marketing

How do I get a Catalina?

You purchase eligible items, e.g. for the Safeway Pillsbury catalina deal, you purchase a certain number of items and get a certain amount in “Safeway dollars”. All eligible items have to be purchased in a single transaction (the same shopping order).

Can I repeat the same Catalina deal, do more than once?

Absolutely. You can repeat the same deal in different transactions, and they could be on the same day. E.g. the Safeway Pillsbury deal, when you buy (6) eligibly items, you get $4. However, even if you purchase (12) eligible items in the same transaction, you still only get back $4.

When you do multiple Catalina deals, and use the Catalina coupon you got from the previous transaction to pay for the next one, that’s call “roll” your Catalina.

How do I know about Catalina deals?

Store ads sometimes advertise them. However, a lot of them are not officially advertised or posted anywhere- that’s where online forums (e.g. slickdeals, afullcup), blogs came in. To make it easier, I try and post the best and easier deals (any deals and coupon matching involved effort and time!) and explain it in a way a novice could understand :)

What if my Catalina didn’t print?

Save your receipt and call Catalina Marketing at 1-888-8coupon (1-888-826-8766). There are many reason why they didn’t print – the machine was off-line, out or paper, etc. The last time my Catalina didn’t print, I called and the staff took my information include receipt information, and did some “research”. After a week or so I received their letter and the Catalinas!

Let me know if you have more questions and I’ll try and answer them!

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