New Crisco $1/1 Coupon: Spray, Olive, Canola Oil

by Lee on January 6, 2010

Here’re some new Crisco Coupons up! Including $0.55/1 Crisco Spray, $1/1 Crisco Olive Oil, $1/1 Crisco Puritan Canola Oil

Some of your might heard that Crisco (major brand of Canola Oil) might be harmful to your health, since it’s parent plant, rapeseed, is a member of the mustard family (false mustard gas association). But plants such as turnips, cabbage, reddish are also members of the mustard family, and rapeseed oil has been used by many cultures for centuries. See wikipedia and snope (my go-to site for e-mail forwards urban legends) for more info.

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